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21 January 2009 @ 08:39 pm
Man, I'm really good at procrastinating. I've got like 18 more chapters to study and my final is FRIDAY...and I have to work tomorrow until 9. So, yeah, I'm pretty much just a little SCREWED much. Grr. But at least I've only got 1 final tomorrow, but then again. I might have plans? GRR. Why can't I just SKIP these finals and be done with this already? Grrrrrrrr. But anyways...

I caught up with TVXQ..and with BOF~! I'm happy. But OMG. I can't wait for next week's episodes like seriously. They just need to release it all right now please! xD LOL. ♥ and all those GQ magazine scans are so LOVELY. Ahhh! Changmin is just so GORGEOUS. Like. O____O Nyaaa~~ Haha. But anyways. I listened to Nobody Knows..and hum. I don't know what to say about it? It's just very Japanese-like. lol. Maybe I should listen to it more carefully next time though. I kinda, just skimmed through it. xD And REMIX VERSION OF DOUSHITE? UM...Wow? haha. They're singing super fast...it's like melodic rapping. xD But yes yes...I still like the acapella version the most. ♥

OKAY, I'm done procrastinating. D: Must get back. Wish me luck!!

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19 December 2008 @ 11:17 pm


Poopy because I'm so freaking TIRED! But yay because I got my TVXQ desk calendar! It's so ♥. But it's kinda...longer than I thought it would be...but that's not like it's a BAD thing...haha. But anyways. Yes! I don't really understand the stickers though! Haha. Oh well. I won't ruin the pweety calendar by putting stickers on it, although I'm really tempted to. haha..

Well, I worked 5-9 today...and it was so...SLOWWWWWW. But I guess it's better than being super busy. But it was just boring, but good thing the CUTE guy was working today *cough*COLTON*cough* haha. He made my night. xD And Shelly, ah, bless that little soul. She's too funny. :D And yes, anyways, all three of us girls were working tonight and my two cousins made me go to this "college" party. Blah, all drinking crap. And so yeah, there was originally 2 guys when we showed up..so it was just 2 guys and us 3 girls..then came other people...and then it was like 10 guys and us 3 girls. Okay, so think about how awkward it would be to be ME, who doesn't even know ANYONE...and there all just drinking and whatnot..while playing "Circle of Death" and some horse race thing? Blah. It was horrible. I was being a good girl. I only took a few sips. Haha. I suck at those games. I'm not quick on my feet. POO. So yeah, I was this one guy's partner for the whole 40 minutes that we were there and gawsh. He's just crazy. Actually, I think they're all crazy. haha. Or just drunk...Psh. Whatever. But the guy who was hosting the party had a REALLY nice house. xD haha. Big screen TV downstairs (for himself)...wow. Haha. Whatever. Spoiled children. haha. It was all good though. I met some...people? I guess. I dunno. It was all more drinking and stuff so I didn't bond too well. haha. Although my partner said that out of us 3 girls, he would choose ME to go out with because I would drink the least amount of wine/booze or something. haha..He was totally drunk. -____-;; What an experience. The life of college students. *sigh* 3 cases of...budlight? I don't remember what it was but in like for the 40 or so minutes that we were there, 10 guys finished off a whole case. WTF. That's just WHACK. -______-;;

Anyways. AHHHHH. I want TVXQ's Single magazine! It is filled with HOTNESS. JAE!LAUNDRY?! AHHHHHH, HOTNESS. haha. I just drooled all over those pictures. Seriously. I definitely WANT this magazine. ♥

Wheee~ Okay, well I've rambled on about nothing lately so yes. POOOO. Oh yeah! Today, we had a snow day. haha. :D it was nice. but then again, who would want to go to school with 7-12 inches of snow falling? GROSS. haha.


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15 November 2008 @ 10:33 pm
Ahh, it's like I'm dead or something even though I haven't been doing much. haha. But anyways, I'm so mad. I had such a long shift at work today. And I have to wake up early tomorrow. And I'm procrastinating real bad. And POOP. I don't like life right now. But then again, when do I ever? xD Ahhhhh~ I don't know what else to say. haha. OH! I got paid today? But then again, that's not super exciting...Who am I kidding? Who DOESN'T like getting paid? haha.

OH! Joanne, Pangnia and I went to the new sports bar located in the mall. It's has some pretty expensive food, but it's pretty darn good! :D They've got some nice big plasmas all around the place and lots and lots of tables. I just wished it was bigger...like yeah. haha. 'Cause it was SUPER crowded last night! But then again, it WAS Friday night, Ya know? Yeah. haha. Anyways! I got a chicken tender wrap with honey barbeque sauce~ xD And a Huckleberry lemonade drink thingy! ♥ Yummm..The huckleberry doesn't sound too good but it's actually, really good! haha..*cough*better than the mango at least xD*cough*

Gahh, I have to catch up with fandoms tomorrow. I think? I'm kinda bummed and tired so...I don't think I'll be doing a bunch of fangirling tonight unfortunately. ALTHOUGH, ALTHOUGH, ALTHOUGH! I don't have school OR work on Monday so I guess I can do some catching up...but I have a TON of homework to do. Like for serious. Haha..Stupid Anatomy midterm on FRIDAY that I hope I do well on. I want to exempt this damn final so badly. I don't even care about math anymore..just ANATOMY PLEASE. Hahaha. AHHHHH. Okay, I think I'm high.

Oooh, my fingers are cold.  And hum. Let's see....ahh, I don't know what to say. haha...I hope I'm...pretty okay in being caught up with my lovely flist? <3

YOINK! OH YEAH. I love Wrong Number MV. And Congrats to TVXQ, even IF they didn't get Artist of the Year...It's not like we love TVXQ just for the amount of awards they receive. Geez~! And Changmin-ah, I think you made so many people cry...When I saw some pictures/gifs I just couldn't hold it in myself. ♥ *hugs* Truly, congratulations to everyone; Big Bang for Artist of the Year; Wonder Girls for Song of the Year; and especially TVXQ for working so hard to show us a new and improved TVXQ that blew everyone away. ♥ Congrats!

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09 November 2008 @ 07:50 pm
Yay! I'm alive, I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing for you all, but here I am! xD haha. Just an update with my unfortunate life. D:

School is poo, as always, but it's okay, because I'm managing somehow. And guess what?! It's NO-SCHOOL-NOVEMBER! haha. There's like 2 weeks of REAL actual school this month, and all the kiddos LOVE it. xD I mean, who wouldn't? haha. It's nice, but I'm also missing other days of school, which sucks because I have to make it up and stuff! Which TOTALLY sucks. And who knew that 1st semester would fly by so quickly? It ends in January! OMOOOOOO. That's not even very far away too! Haha. But yes. School, is so-so I guess. It could be better, but also could be SO much worse, and thankfully it's not. Thank you~ ♥ haha

I also started catching up with Dong Bang! Gawsh, it feels like a lifetime since I've done any major stalking check-ups on them! Ah! Also, Mirotic REPACKAGE VERSION? PLZ TO GIVE TO ME NOW! I wanted to get version C, but then I was like, mehh...maybe I shouldn't. And then here's a nice pretty REPACKAGE version? haha. And TVXQ, laying, on the ground, WHAT MORE DO I NEED? them nekkid? Hahahahahaha...Just kidding. Buttems yes! I love...just I dunno. Haha. I just missed seeing TVXQ much. I dunno, every night I didn't go online, I was always just like, Hum, I wonder what they've been doing, what shows they've been on, if they've been resting/eating right...Gawsh, I seem like a mom. haha. I just MISSED them! :D Haha. But I'm happy now. ♥ And I've been SUPER hooked on LITI. haha. Like more than I usually am! Like it's the only song I can listen to for hours and hours w/o getting sick of it? haha. *creep* But yes yes~ I think the Korean version is much more emotional than the Japanese version. It's like the Japanese version sounds a little stuffed? haha. Maybe it's just that the boys know how to portray the feelings of the song better. Haha. I dunno. I'm high.

Oh yes! Just to be sure, I'm sending out cards/gifts to Georgia, Steph-buns, Diane-buns, and Tiffany (as soon as I get your address. haha..) Yes yes! I'm so excited! I'm also doing the holiday card thing on dbsg  too! I'm excited. ♥ I apologize in advance, that I'm not too...creative. Haha...Sorry if you get a plain looking card/gift. haha. Pfffft~  Yoink~ You know I still love you all though. haha..And if you'd like to get one from me, please do say! I wasn't sure if I was going to have enough time to make everyone one, so just the ones that I guess...were doing it too? haha. I'm too lazy, sorry~ DD: But I still love you all. haha. I don't know what I'm saying. Lol! So yes, I'm currently planning out everything. haha. It's harder than I thought! xD

I've been catching up on dramas! But not really. WJM episode 32 was SOOOOOO CUTE! Gahh, I'm so in love with this show. It's like awesomeness. :D haha. And I love LOOOOOOVE love love love Family Outing, although it's getting somewhat repetitive? haha. But it's not like they can help it. I gues? haha. And hum, what else? East of Eden! It's getting pretty good! It was kinda...dragging and slow the first 5-6 episodes, but then now it's so interesting~ I can't believe I'm only on 8 when 21 episodes are subbed! Haha. *loser* But anyways. I started watching Beethoven Virus, but it kinda...wasn't all I expected it to be? I dunno. Maybe I'm expecting too much and I'm not giving it a chance but still. Haha. Maybe I'll watch it later. But yes! OH YEAH, and I just recently downloaded Baby and Me! A movie with Jang Geun Seuk and baby MASON. He's sooooooo cute! I said to my sister that he was going to be my future baby. haha. Lol. He's really adorable though. No lie no lie~!! Kyoooooooong! Haha.


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05 October 2008 @ 01:13 am
YESSSSSSS. You don't know how happy I was to receive my two lovely albums~! MIROTIC. Gawd, it was so beautiful. It came in that lovely gray package and 3 layers of bubble wrapping. xD ♥ It made my day, even if my day at work SUCKED. I still have to watch the DVD and look at the booklet closer, but STILL, IT CAME! ♥ Maybe I'll post up some pictures later. :DD But I'M SO EXCITED!! THANK YOU YA FOR SHIPPING SO FAST! ILUFOREVER~~~~~ ILU TVXQ!!

OMO! Korean dramas, I need to catch up on! East of Eden has like up to episode 12, and I'm only on 6! AIGOO. haha. But yeah, hopefully I can find some time for it tomorrow? I have a ton of homework though, so we'll see. -__-;; I'm so sad...WJM...FTW. NUOOO...I wanted to cry SO badly when Solbi was just...GUHH. NOBODY BREAK UP!! I LOVE ALL THESE COUPLES SO MUCH! Especially AnSol and Ant&Witch and Lettuce couple, and AlSin couple (lol, that's everyone though. haha) But gawsh...I think Ant&Witch will break up. They were the best together (in my opinion) but...geez. This one fight over ramen could probably just ruin it all. All their scenes were awkward and felt forced. -_____-;; LIZ IS SAD! LIZ WANNA WATCH FAMILY OUTING WITH HYESUNG!!!!!!!!!! stupid downloads...always NOT going. POO. Oh well. <3

OH! Homecoming game, WE WON! GO CARDINALS~~ ILU SENIORS~ ♥ Gawd, it was so exciting at the pep rally, but I couldn't attend the game OR the dance unfortunately but it's okay I guess. As long as we won..I think it was like 41 (us!) to....23? Or something along those lines, but WHO CARES? WE WON! Really, REALLY congratulations to the senior guys~ :D

Okay, I'm way tired..it's like so much later than I'd usually stay up but oh well. haha. :D

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28 September 2008 @ 10:19 pm
Jaejoong says: Cash.

I wish I had more time to do things. I wish I had more time to live the way I want. I wish I wish I wish.

I'm listening to Dong Bang's 4th album...I said I wasn't going to until my own albums came in, but I couldn't help myself. I'm buying them anyways though so it's okay...? haha. *loser* But wahh. I'm so in love with MIROTIC and HEY! I think those are my favorite songs. xD haha. But I dunno. I've only browsed through them so I'm not FOR SURE decided on MIROTIC and HEY being my favorites but still. :D But Jaejoong's solo song is just amazing. (is on repeat) I love his voice. It's so soothing. ♥ Please to sing for liz once. liz will be able to die as a happy girl for sure. I was also watching some of the performances of Dong Bang and WHOAAAAAAAAAA..SERIOUSLY? SEXYYY..Like to the max!! I was just too amazed. LITI is a really pretty song...but I still like the Japanese version better....I dunno, it just 'fits' better. Haha. Maybe I'm just more used to it. But both are amazing. ♥ and I LOVED the MIROTIC & HEY performances. Those were *fans self* SOOOOOO DELICIOUS. <3 I would've made caps but geez, I gotta go to sleep soon unfortunately...but whoa...It was...gahhh...I must put those on my phone or mp3 player..or both. haha. Something to do during study hall!! xD PLEASE TO SHIP MY ALBUMS ASAP!! LIZ NEEDS THEM NOWWWWWWWW~~ (liz loves jae's rapping in Wrong Number xD He's so cute. haha...I never would've expected it. ♥ and when I listen to Wrong Number...I feel as if they're singing it towards ME or something...'cause I'm a bit stalkerish..HAHA. I finally admit it. -___-;; AIGOO.)

AND, Yunho = THE PERFECT HUSBAND/FATHER. Gawsh. I'm so jealous of that super extra lucky lady that'll be his woman. I could only wish it was me..*sigh* haha. But wahh. Yunho is just...♥ *squishes* It's like...he's just too caring.

Gahh, work was so tiring on Saturday. -____-;; Geez. From 7AM to 2:30 on a SATURDAY of all days...but then again, better than a SUNDAY. haha. But anyways. My poor feet. My poor feet. Oh well. I'm over it now. I was just really exhausted. I think...I tend to care about people too much? Or maybe I'm just ignorant...or maybe I just let people walk all over me? haha. I dunno. I tend to let things go easily...but I never forget. PFFFT. I'm one of THOSE people. <_____< *glares at self* and BLEH. Those turdfaces gave me SOOOOO many hours. I can't even keep up with school and homework, how am I supposed to do that AND tons of freaking work. GRRR. It's not like I have a bunch of free time (actually...if you took away the time spent online, it'd be a lot of hours. haha..) GAHHHHHHHH...I've got myself to blame. T_T

Ahhh. I have an eye check-up tomorrow. Exciting isn't it? I get to miss school again. haha. But it sucks because I'm missing the MOST IMPORTANT class, my AP Bio. Poo. But it's okay..since her notes don't make TOO much sense anyways *shot* I hate to say it but it's true. There are just some teacher's who's notes don't quite make complete sense. LOL. So I'll just end up reading the book anyways. D: School SUCKS. I don't understand things....Like...WHY SO MUCH HOMEWORK?! *dies* NUOOOOOOO...OH yes, homecoming is this weekend! Bleh, like I care though. Haha. I've never been involved very much in school activities so I guess it's no different. Except this year, I'm in NHS so...yeah, I have to show at least a LITTLE support and stuff. -____-;; It's okay though, it IS my last year anyways. ♥

I just bought a face cleaning kit thingy, a pore cleansing mask thingy, some foundation, and some loose powder...all for $81!! Isn't that a pretty good deal? I thought it was. haha. :D But now I don't have anymore money. LIZ IS POOR AGAIN...AS ALWAYS. I thought I was doing well saving up but once I started spendinging on one thing, the chain reaction just totally started over again, but I promise no more unless it's necessary. *sigh*

OKAY, off to bed now...LOL. this was a REALLY long entry, I apologize. I would put up pictures but....I'm SO behind on Dong Bang and everyone else... T___T BUT!!!!! JUNSU & YUNHO ON FAMILY OUTING! HOMFG!!!! I WANT THAT EPISODE...But of course I want HYESUNG'S EPISODE FIRST!!! ♥ The babies on WJM are SOOOO adorable. *spazzes* Okay, I'm really done now..

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23 September 2008 @ 05:06 pm
I got youuuuuuuuuuuuuu hoooooooooooooooooo, under my skin.

I thought 'under my skin' was "I'M NOT ASKIN'" hahahaha. I need a hearing aid for goodness sakes. But oh well. I'm so excited for this! I think I like YUNHO's voice most in Mirotic. Haha. There's just SOMETHING about it that makes it so sexy. But then again, Junsu's....ooh, it's so nice. And Changminnie's. GEEEEEEEZ. It all just sounds so amazing. I love this song now. I used to kinda...NOT because it so TOTALLY wasn't Dong Bang's "style" but I'm just totally in love with it. It's...♥ MIROTIC MV IS HAWTNESS. I LOVE IT. PLEASE TO GIVE ME SUPER EXTRA HQ NOW NOW NOWWW PLEASE!!!!!! Please?

But what's up with this? Are we...supposed to be excited? I mean SURE, it's good news, but c'mon. Give them a B.R.E.A.K. PLEASE. Please please. I would rather the boys have a WHOLE MONTH off and not seeing them for that whole month than getting to see them every single day doing some show or performance or whatever. I mean...yeah. No doubt, I'll watch the drama, but I'm just....wow, this is a whole contradictory thing going on. haha. But I can't help it. I guess what I'm trying to say, is that I'd rather Jaejoong NOT do it, but if he really IS going to do it, then I'll support him..? Gahh, I suck at explaining.

I got contacts yesterday! They're giving me problems already unfortunately...I think they didn't give me the right prescription or something because I see the same as I do with my glasses. I think they gave me my OLD prescriptions. haha. But hum. Yes...It took me like 5 minutes for my first try on my right eye and then like not even a minute for my left eye...then hum...I got it in immediately when I had to put them back in. haha. xD I've gotten used to it, except there's always...ALWAYS a freaking AIR BUBBLE in it. Am I doing something wrong or something? GEEZ. -_____-;;

Anyways! School..I've been surviving. I had a few quizzes in my math class and I've managed to pull off 95's and 96's so I'm pretty satisfied? haha. Except for that first quiz...geez. Stupid 85. -_____-;; POOP! OH well, it could be tons worse. :D



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17 September 2008 @ 05:43 pm

I'm so glad that I came back at the right time. OMONAOMONAOMONA~~ Of course, I pre-ordered Dong Bang's 4th album! Both versions...but hum hum. I wanted to get the posters but unfortunately, I don't know how they'll look. I'll probably get them later. I have to pay for fees and whatnot first. -______-;; POO. Anyways! EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(Oh yeah, I think I'll be on a semi-hiatus? Maybe. It'll be on and off. T___T) SMEX.

Google the phrase "(Your name) looks like" and find 4 of the best ones from the first page of results. DON'T FORGET TO PUT IT IN QUOTES, otherwise it won't work. After that, ask 5 of your LJ friends to do the same and see what will they get:

1.liz looks like a bum
HAHAHAHAHA. It's sooooooooo true~~ I love this.

2.Liz looks like a rockstar with slurpees

3.Elizabeth looks like an angel and plays the harp like a dream
Lol. I wish it was the truth~~ ♥

4.Liz looks like someone sprinkled her with magic
Awwwww~~ *spazzes*


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07 September 2008 @ 07:27 pm
flawl3ss27 flawl3ss27 flawl3ss27 flawl3ss27

Yay~! I finally got a new layout. :DD Everything but the header is made by ...milou_veronica <3 Me loves it! Yes yes~ The header...=/ It was like...a total 10 minute put together. I think I'll end up changing it soon. xD Pfft~ that reminds me! I just "upgraded" my account and I am now a paid member! haha. *loser* I didn't do the automatic payment thingy or whatever because I wanted to try it out first yes yes~ ♥ Whee! I'm excited. haha. I guess. <3

Grr! Today it was SO busy at work and BLEH. They forgot about me....I didn't get to go home on time so I ended up staying like...20 or so minutes later, which is like, supposedly really bad or whatever but I'm just mad. But oh well. I guess it's okay since...Not everyone is perfect and it WAS really busy. Pfft. Oh well. ♥ At least I got paid for staying? <3 Haha...

Gahh ! I still have homework to do, but hopefully it's not that hard? haha. I'm downloading the subbed version of WJM and the raw version of today's (or yesterday's) episode of Family Outing! :D I'm excited for WJM because I saw TOP and Tae Yang (I think?!!) in last week's preview! xDDDD And then I'm excited for Family Outing, because...well it's FAMILY OUTING! Haha. It's so addicting~~. Yay! ♥ But yes. SCHOOL. It's actually not TOO bad surprisingly! and my AP Bio teacher is UBERLY amazingly nice. :DD She's so totally awesome. ♥ ILHER. haha. I ended up with A LOT of really good teachers! I think there's not ONE teacher that I don't like in my schedule first semester which is SO wonderufl. :D I might end up liking school? *MAJOR GASP* Well, my first hour teacher DOES kinda freak me out majorly, but the class itself is amazing. I learned lots already~! :DD

I got my senior pictures like a while ago, but I never said anything. haha. They didn't turn out WONDERFUL (because of ME not being pretty) but I like them?~ Haha. If that makes sense. Yes yes. My mom seemed pretty happy though. She took two pictures for herself without even telling me. haha. But I eventually figured it out. Pfft. And hum...! OH YEAH. I'm so proud of myself. I paid for my senior pictures all by myself. I feel so...GROWN UP already. PFFFT. *loser*

POOP. I forgot what I was going to say. OH YEAHHHHHH...So many people commented on my lovely Yesung necklace! They loved it so much. Haha. Everyone was like, "wow~ it's so unique" or "I really like your necklace". It made me feel so proud. haha. I really like my necklace too! :D

It'll be one year on the 28th (like forever awayness from now) that I have my license. Wait, that totally didn't make any sense. I'll have had my license for one year on the 28th of this year (aka SHINDONGIE'S BIRTHDAYYYY~~) YIPEEEEE. <3 Gahh. I'm tired. Haha. I gotta go watch my...STUFFS now.

GIMME DONG BANG'S 4TH ALBUM NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. FTW. Like 2 more weeks? I WANT IT NOW...GIVE IT TO ME NOW............................prz. GIMMEGIMMEGIMMEEEEEE. It's UP on YA, but it's like...NOT FOR PRE-ORDER. GIMME NOWWWWWWWWW...*will check again later* xD

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01 September 2008 @ 11:22 pm
Thank you so much to my lovely Steph-buns theresa_lynne , Georgia hapticlove , Tiffany-dear koimei , and Jen-buns pomme for the touching/sweet things you said to me. It really made me want to cry more because you were all so kind. *squishes* Thank you so much. Your words brightened my life up....like seriously. ♥ Thank you thank you an infinite times over. ♥ It'll never be enough, I hope you know~

Work was so nasty today. I hate working. I hate my management people/higher ups. They're so snobby and hypocrites. They yell at us not to talk so much but all they do is talk all day. WTF. I like the other people though. POOOO. I need a new job. I need to quit. Grr. No wonder my workplace is always hiring. Geez. Whatever...My other cousin (Pangnia!!) might be working there soon so I'm excited! xDDDDD She'll LOOOOOOVE the people there. haha. Not the management/higher ups but...bleh. Who does?

I'll do the memes next time! I should be sleeping right now even though it's still kinda early, but still. Haha. Gotta get up EARLY tomorrow! Like, actually early...not 7AM early, 5:30AM early...just like how it used to be. FTW.

Grr. I don't remember what I was going to say. haha. *loser* But anyways, I guess I'll head to bed now..I'm a bit tired actually. haha.


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